Review Blood Suckers Slot: The Best Paying Game

To stay in the Halloween theme just a little longer, we threw our coins into the Blood Suckers slot, a slot game from Netent.

The theme of the Blood Suckers is, not unexpectedly, vampires. So keep your garlic cloves and bibles handy so as not to get too caught up in the game. 

The soundtrack is a bit dull and dull: it’s a bleak breeze that you can hear blowing in the background.

Fortunately, the other sounds you hear are a bit more in line with the Adams Family-Esque tunes you expect from a creepy machine. In addition, the graphics are beautiful, more beautiful than with competitor Playtech’s Halloween Fortune.

Review Blood Suckers Slot

Blood Suckers slot

1. How Does Blood Suckers Work?

Blood Suckers has 25 pay lines that you play for at least 1 cent each. Fittingly, the joker (wildcard) consists of a wild Dracula grabbing a young virgin by the neck. The joker applies to all symbols except for the Bonus and Scatter. 

From three scatters you win 10 free spins. In the free spins, your winnings are multiplied by three.

Three bonus cards will give you access to the other feature. The bonus game is a kind of burial vault in which twelve coffins are arranged. Nine of them contain a vampire that must be killed with a wooden stake and three are empty.

Sometimes the vampires yield more than other times. Moreover, sometimes there is even a vampire with 1000 or 1200 points behind it, that makes us happy. 

As long as you don’t find an empty chest, you can continue to open chests. If you take an empty one, the bonus is over.

2. The 1000 Spins in Blood Suckers Slot

We were in the mood and we played with $2.50 per spin on twenty-five lines, so $0.10 per line. This means that we bet a total amount of $2500.

Already on the second s pin, the first prize is hit. But it’s not the jackpot yet. At first, it seems as if every second spin yields a prize. Therefore, soon the first feature also falls, with which we earn 12 dollars.

Furthermore, that feature comes up quite often. In 1000 spins, the poor Vampires had to be stabbed to death no less than 28 times, with the highest result 122 dollars, just under 49x the bet.

The 10 Free Spins of the Scatter Card only come along three times in the 1000 spins that we ran. Despite the multiplier, they also do not yield as much as the feature, a maximum of 61 dollars. The 1000 spins later we ended up $65.50 in the red.

3. The Result of The Game

Now we have the result after playing Blood Suckers.

  • Total result after 1000 spins at $2.50: $65.50 loss
  • Five biggest wins in a spin $122.00, $73.50, $46.40, $36.40, $26.50
  • On average you get the feature once every 36 spins
  • According to Netent, the payout percentage (RTP) is 98%

4. The Conclusion

Blood Suckers is not the newest slot from Netent, but it has been quite popular for a while. This can be explained by the payment percentage of 98% claimed by Netent. This makes it one of the best paying slots on the internet.

If we didn’t have to do 1000 spins, we would have got out a little earlier because at one point he was more than $300 in the plus. So that RTP is not out of the blue. The best choice is at dominoqq which will lead you to true victory.

The feature falls quite often, and the profit you can get on it is regularly quite high. Overall, we are fans of Blood Suckers slot.

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