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Someone, particularly a youtuber in this case, that puts on a cute persona that is completely different to their persona in reality.They usually have an anime art style, a “kawaii desu” oc, and they have a small voice when they talk. (Not all uwutubers are like this, this is just an example of a stereotypical uwutuber.)Comes from the words uwu and youtuberTL;DR: A youtuber that tries to act cute.
Person: Hey, have you heard of Wolfychu?

Person 2: Isn’t that the uwutuber?

uwutuber: define #2
noun; A Youtuber that is unoriginal/has no actual personality so they put on a cute, shy, “uwu” act to get views.
Youtuber: I like this game.

Uwutuber: T-This game is weally good.

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