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The dangly thingi in the back of your mouth, needed for ulalating, or vibrating your words.
I cut off my uvula and sewed it where my penis used to be, I’m freaking awsome.
uvula: define #2
that dangly thing in the back of your mouth
he touched his uvula and threw up.
uvula: define #3
The one leftnut ballsack hanging in the back of your throats over/above your asophagous, it swings for side to side when you moan DADDY- AKA COCKBLOCK when you tryin to deep throat that big THIQ juicy black CoCK .
Timmy : so how your hookup with sharkesha go ?

Eugene : she squirted all my TESTCALS , but deep dicking her throats was harder than my boner because he uvula was such a cock block.

uvula: define #4
The clitoris (or the G-spot) of your mouth. But the feeling it gives if you touch it is like hell. Stimulating it with your fingers will cause you to cu..uh, I mean vomit.
I was so drunk yesterday where I became so nauseous, but I couldn’t fucking vomit. What I did is fingered the back part of my mouth for minutes, the uvula until I vomited.
uvula: define #5
that dangly thing in the back of your neck.

gag reflix.

Jill: I must press my uvula to be a skinnier person.
uvula: define #6
A word that Timmykins uses entirely too much.
Your mom looks like an uvula.
uvula: define #7
That little thingy inside your mouth that looks like a mini tounge.
I chopped off my own uvula to use it as a mini replica for my miniature human organ collection. I rule!

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