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1. To say something: To say or pronounce something. In many words, just to speak.
2. To emit something as a

sound made by the voice.
3. To publish something, e.g. in a book or newspaper.
4. To put something into circulation, especially counterfeit money or a forgery, under the pretense that it is genuine.

He uttered a low growl.
Utter: define #2
1. (verb) To speak or say aloud.

2. (adjective) Pure, absolute, unadulterated; primarily used in describing abstract concepts or feelings, rather than material objects.

Contrary to what some may believe, “utter” is NEVER a noun. Cows do not have “utters;” those would be udders. No person or thing can have or act on an “utter,” as there is no such thing as an “utter.” The only acceptable noun form of “utter” is utterance.

1. To cast the spell, you must first utter the incantation.

2. The monk experienced utter bliss as he achieved enlightenment.

Utter: define #3
1) To say/speak.

2) Complete, full; in reference to abstract concepts, rather than objects.

1) Strangely enough, Albert didn’t utter a word after his convincing victory.

2) Steven’s utter happiness was kept hidden under the indifferent expression he always carried.

Utter: define #4
The nipples found on a cow.
Dude that fat chick got some huge utters.
Utter: define #5
an all-encompassing word similar to “cool” “awesome” “interesting” or “amazing”. Often used by pot-smoking jazz musicians or other hippie types. Originating in New York City, but spreading to other areas, especially by traveling musicians.
“Did you see that documentary on painting on animals? Dude, that was utter.”

“That herb we smoked last night- it was utter.”

Utter: define #6
a gross word for penis
she pulled his utter a lot
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