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Up-Town Projects. Juveniles record label with starting artist Wack-o and Skip. their single Nolia Clap can be heard on the radio often. Younbg Buck was once a memeber befor defecting to G-Unit.
“G-Unit, UTP”-Young Buck on Get rich or die trying
utp: define #2
Under The Pump. Or when one is under pressure to complete a task from a deadline, etc.

Used in the workplace as an acronym. Coined by Mr Dave “Reesdog” Reeson in late 2006.

“Come on fellaz we are really U.T.P. here. Let’s get working!”
utp: define #3
Unshielded Twisted-Pair, an kind of copper cable used for diferent types of connections.
We need a UTP cable to comunicate each others.
utp: define #4
An acronym for “Under the pillow”
Night soil and Cunties McBitch enjoy all their activities UTP.
utp: define #5
up the pimps this is basically a g thang used by 50 cent
“gunit-utp” by 50 cent in get rich or die tryin…..song blood hound

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