Best definition
1. Noun – Having a very good eye or random ability for something not possessed by the average person 2. Noun – Looking out for someone else, especially in a small to moderate jam or a generally “clutch” situation.
1. Person one: “Ah if I had 25 more cents I could get a large coffee. I have a credit card on me, but they don’t can’t take it, so I’ll just settle for a medium coffee and be tired all day.

Person two: (digs in pocket) “I got ya brah” (throws down an extra quarter on the counter)

Person one: “Good utley!”

2. Person one: “Shit man, I got another bogus ticket from the PPA”

Person two: “Screw it man, I can photoshop a picture and get you out of paying it.”

Person one: “Good utley! Fuck the PPA!”

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