Best definition
A ramshackle pile of questionable functionality.
There’s probably a function that does what you want in common_util.py.
util: define #2
Small computer program, usually to perform a single system related task. Abbr of utility; aka tool.
– I couldn’t recover my deleted files from my sd; that util did not work.

– I’m gonna dl all of the ftp://suppa.warez/windoze/utilz, asap; before it’s taken down.

util: define #3
An entirely made up word used to describe a poker group’s inability to 1)count chips, or; 2) understand the true value of the chips involved in the game.
1) “How many utils do we get?”; 2)”I raise you 10,000 utils”; 3) “I lost all my utils to a 2-3 off suit.”

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