ute muster

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ute muster
An Australian phenomenon that occurs in rural areas. All the local hillbillies gather to this event to show of their ute, drink Bundy Rum, listen to Lee Kernaghan and pick up bushpigs. These eyesore vehicles are a fruitless attempt by the owner to convert their ute to resemble a fully fledged truck. This usually includes a Commodore, Falcon, Hilux etc decked out with CAT mudflaps, spotlights, countless R.M Williams and Bundy stickers, a bullbar half the weight of the car itself, a plethora of aerials (less than half of which perform a function) apart from making these hideous vehicles resemble Sputnik on wheels and are completed with a girlfriend who looks like a a German weightlifter in the passenger side and maybe a blue heeler or Kelpie in the back tray. The latter being the more attractive of the two. Akubra wearing tools and ugly girls make up the majority of the people who attend these events.
Guy 1: “Damn must be a ute muster going on, there’s ugly bitches and Akubras everywhere”

Guy 2: “Wanna go?”

Guy 1: “Fuck off idiot”

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