Best definition
Literally the best girl you can meet. She’s unique, like her name, she’s beautiful, and she’s a great person in general. She’s a role model to many because of her positive vibes which just draws people in. Usevias may also be a little nervous from time to time, so make sure to give her extra tender care when she gets like that. She may seem a little cool when you first see her as her beauty earns her a lot of friends, but she’s actually one of the nicest and emotional people you’ll ever meet. It won’t be hard for you to make friends with her as she is quite outgoing. She can be a great lifelong friend, but perusing love with her is even better. She needs trust and deserves love, and she won’t be comfortable with you if you’re too overbearing or rude. She will go off on you if you treat her wrong so don’t do it, even though it’s a rare sight. She will be somebody with you in an instant if you try to misuse her or abuse her affection for you, so make the most of it when you have it. overall, she’s a wonderful person to be with and the perfect person to spend your life with.
“You know usevia right?”

“Who doesn’t?? She’s cool with everyone! I wish I had a sevia”

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