user friendly

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user friendly
A type of freeloader that is “friendly” because s/he’s using you for money/help/maybe even sex
– i’m sick of that fucker robb, has anyone noticed that when the bill comes he takes at least 3 minutes to take a dollar out of his wallet?

– he’s user friendly. he’s always hoping our change will cover his bill.
user friendly: define #2
user friendly
Easy to use, learn, or understand
The personal computer is user friendly
user friendly: define #3
the only webcomic worth reading. please, if youre here for video games, go away now. it typically deals with technology and computers, and it comes from canada
user friendly: define #4
user friendly
User Freindly is when u get a little too friendly with ur computer.
Guy 1: I had cyber with some chick online and i got a little carried away.

Guy 2: Let me guess, User Friendly?

Guy 1: *embarrassed* Shut up.

user friendly: define #5
The verbally-portrayed status/nature of a smooth-talking snitch who pretends to be tolerant/supportive of anyone who “uses” (i.e., consumes illegal drugs), but actually rats you out to da fuzz/Feds behind yer back.
If a computer or other complicated device is marked as “user-friendly”, dat’s all well and good, I guess — it’s when a PERSON claims to be this way dat ya should get antsy and suspicious.

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