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The abbrevation for “Unresolved Romantic Tension”, a cousin to UST. A facet of many tv shows, movies, and other media

such as fanfiction. Occurs frequently between two main characters who either don’t realize, or won’t admit to harboring infatuation for the other.

1.)The difference between UST and URT is that the former refers to things potentially leading to expressions of love of a more adult nature, while URT can refer to all characters, including younger ones who haven’t experienced sexual desires at their particular age.

2.) Many cartoon characters start feeling URT as they grow closer to puberty.

URT: define #2
A somewhat destructive human being/friend, mostly oblivious to his actions and their consequences. Many Urts become sensitive when the word, Urt, is used in place of their common name.
1.Urt! What the fuck did you do that for?

2.You’re such a dumbass, Urt!

3.There are three people in this world that I hate. Their names are Kurt, Kurt, and Urt.
URT: define #3
South African slang meaning to get high or smoke marijuana.
It’s time to fucking urt!
URT: define #4
Short for the quake 3 mod Urban terror.

Used mostly in forums or IRC where you have to shorten every word.
I player UrT the whole day.
URT: define #5
An expression of disappointment for something weak; inadequate or unsatisfactory.

Originated from the Mountains of Western North Carolina.

See also Wack, Busted or Lame.
A guy goes to the store looking desperately for a ham sandwich.

Girl at the counter: I’m sorry sir, we are out of ham.

Guy: Urt.
URT: define #6

A passion and energy driven term, normally delivered excitingly rough or kinky also giving it all you’ve got.

Can be used for non sexual things

Chuck “James do you wanna go round and give Jordi Archer urts she wants to feel loved”

James “yer bro sounds like she needs a good urts


Chuck” Oi James I got made urts at footy today”

URT: define #7
(Noun) Tranquil, lazy, spiritual, laidback, tropical, Komodo dragon, ostrich, bird person.

(Verb) The act of urting is to enjoy one’s space, in a urt (Inscence optional but recommended).

“Urting is such a simple thing, the definition must be just as sencillo.” -Ruby Hockett

Ruby and I schemed to urt it out this weekend… in a urt.
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