urban pervert

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urban pervert
a fagot author that spends too much time on this site. Don’t get me wrong this site is great … but man! get a life!
Hi I’m urban pervert i have fun making definitions like penis vagina and custard canon.
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Urban Pervert
An author who is homophobic and likes corrective rape, and really just all kinds of not okay sexual harassment. Probably has never had a girlfriend. Or talked to a girl.
Hiiiii I am Urban Pervert I have no friends so I spend all my time masturbating or on urban dictionary yay for me and my insular, fucked-up lifestyle.
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Urban Pervert
1. An author on Urbandictionary.com. Known for making definitions for sex-related words.

2. A pervert that lives in an urban area. Usually likes to go round looking up ladies’ skirts.
1. Have you heard of Urban Pervert? His definitions on Urbandictionary.com are gross!

2. Check out that urban pervert looking up peoples’ skirts!

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