urban negro

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urban negro
Someone who grew up in an improvished area, barely graduated high school. In their early 30’s decided that things were looking “up” entered college and graduated, however, this person still smokes weed, stands on the corner and every item in their home is stolen. This person is easily impressed by others especially when the “others” use “big” words to show how small their brains really are..FYI: people don’t use words like missives, obtuse, and fletcherize in normal day to day conversation.
While sitting in the office Maggie used the word obtuse, incorrectly might I add, but Tom was so impressed because he had never heard the word used other than to describe an angle. Tom has become Maggie’s pet(BITCH) based on word usage. Now, Tom if you would have attended school back when it was uncool you would have a basic understanding of word origins and usage……..You old ass urban negro>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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