urban genius

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urban genius
someone who is very much based on street culture,read books that are street and hip-hop.impressively,fluent in street language,knows how to survive on the streets and good in expressing himself in an urban life,funny 2 say,a person who is highly dedicated and educated in urban life and hip-hop!
he doesn’t perform well at school,yet he is an urban genius
urban genius: define #2
Urban Genius
The Urban Genius is an inner city hustler who has freed self from the status quo, beating the odds of a system designed for failure. Levitating to the challenge of creating diversity in one’s options. The Urban Genius has become what they least expected, even surpassing the opposition; those haters who seek to keep you down. The Urban Genius is animate and thriving, one who has survived the test of time.
In the face of social implosion, the Urban Genius does not “stress” out, but “stretches” out and encompasses all possibilities, siezing opportunities to create spiritual health and wealth within.

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