urban drama

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urban drama
Urban Drama consists of any or all of the following:
Car thefts or jacking; drive-by shootings or up-close-and-personal homicides; random assault and battery or mugging; domestically violent neighbors; pick-pocketing; breaking and enterings; armed robbery of local business establishments; tourist scamming; boisterous drunken pedestrians; aggressive panhandlers; prolonged loitering on main streets and corners; unlawful soliciting; street merchants selling bootleg or stolen items; and all manner of gang-related activity (especially fighting, playing extremely loud music, selling narcotics, and engaging in all manner of vice).
Out Of Towner: Where would be a safe place to have a good time in this town?

Native: Downtown Main Street. You can count on a constant police presence there, so there’s definitely no urban drama going on.

Armed Robbery Victim: This is the second time within a month!

Good Samaritan: This neighborhood is becoming more ghetto everyday. You need to move and get away from all this senseless urban drama.

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