urban dichead

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urban dichead
Someone who is always looking up words on urban dictionary to use in everyday life. They are addicted or obsessed with the site. They use the words so much they become annoying and no one wants to talk to them.
Guy 1:Yo you think that girl is a cunty slut.

Guy 2: Don’t know what it means

Guy 1: You should look it up on urban dictionary then

Guy 2: You’re an urban dichead

Guy 1: What’s that?
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Urban Dic-Head
Similar to Urban Dic-Junky but even more of an idiot. An Urban Dic-Head submits more nonsensical, stupid, made-up words than an Urban Dic-Junky but their specialty seems to be friends’ names, or abbreviations thereof.

As if anybody else is interested!

An example of an Urban Dic-Head is the person who might submit the letter “A” and define it as “The first letter in my best friend’s name.”
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Urban Dic-Head
A person who uses Urban Dictionary just to deal with their personal issues/get back at people.
Did you see what that girl posted on UD? You could totally tell it was her!”/”Yeah, what an Urban Dic-Head.
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Urban Dic-head
An editor of the Urban Dictionary who refuses, for whatever reasons real or imagined, to post your definition of a word; thereby denying you the momentary thrill of validation you would otherwise receive.
“Hey have they posted your definition of ‘Gutter Folk’ yet?”

“No, it got held up in committee by a bunch of Urban Dic-heads.”

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