urban camping

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urban camping
camping in an urban setting by sleeping on rooftops, under bushes, and in public parks
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Urban Camping
Setting up camp in an urban location, be it a rooftop, a derelict building, a doorway or other urban space. The same type of bedding is used as camping in a tent – a sleeping bag, a rollmat etc, except that the intention is to use our existing urban environment as a location within which to sleep.
We did some Urban Camping in the Abandoned castle in Belgium.
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urban camping
1. A form of penance. What one generally does after terminating a long-term relationship in their late twenties or early thirties. Urban camping involves the acquisition of a small apartment that is sparsely equipped with furniture. In general, an urban camper should be equipped with no more than, a coffee machine, a juice press, a cot or yoga mat and a radio. The period of urban camping shall persist until the camper no longer feels guilty about the circumstances of the previous relationship and begins to acquire material possessions for the purposes of impressing others.

2. The state of furnishing of a downtown apartment that causes an Aravopoulos to say “I love what you haven’t done with the place”.

I was over at Hector’s last night and he still doesn’t have any furniture. How long is this urban camping phase gonna last?
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Urban Camping
A hippie-like lifestyle consisting of hopping around from place to place, party to party, in an urban setting. Urban campers often crash where they please whether it be a random couch, floor, bathroom, etc.. Urban campers often do not make it home for days at a time to shower and/or handle any sort of responsibility.

The life of an urban camper is rewarding and adventurous.

When your co-workers ask: “What are your plans for the weekend?” An excellent response is, “Doing a little urban camping.”

Urban camping: the great indoors.

urban camping: define #5
urban camping
The state of being homeless in an urban setting.
As we walked from the club to the parking structure we noticed several squatters in a nearby alley urban camping.
urban camping: define #6
Urban Camping
The act of setting up camp or sleeping in an Urban environment without the luxuries of home. This can include sleeping in your car, passing out on the sidewalk, spending all night in line, setting up camp on the streets or even camping in a park that is far to close to a major metropolitan area to be considered “roughing it.”
“We are going Urban Camping down at the Coliseum tonight to get good tickets when the Box Office opens in the morning.”
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urban camping
the most extreme of all extrewme sports. against the odds, against the elements, urban camping rule!
sleep in the urban wilderness (urban jungle)

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