urban camper

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urban camper
A euphemism for a homeless person.
There sure are a lot of urban campers out on the streets today.
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urban camper
homeless person
There was an urban camper begging for money down the street.
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urban campers
Homeless people.
These urban campers are bringing down my property value.
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Urban Camper
A homeless person living in the city. With no permanent home, camping in a doorway is their residence.
I was walking past an abandoned building when I saw two urban campers sleeping in the doorway.
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Urban Camper
Someone who has a campfire in their backyard in a densely populated urban setting. They act as though they are camping in the wilderness, but in reality they are surrounded by neighbours who do not enjoy the smoke from the fire.
The neighbours backyard campfire caused us to move inside and close the windows because of the heavy smoke drifting our way. I hate Urban Campers.
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urban camper
euphemism for a homeless person.
Look at that urban camper sleeping on the bench, Janice!
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Urban Camper
An individual who spends their time jumping from social scene to social scene in an urban community. Urban campers enjoy socializing and partying, and often sleep on random couches or floors. Urban campers do not make it home for long periods of time, often choosing to go without a shower. Some people are just weekend urban campers, for others, it is a semi-permanent lifestyle choice.
I’ve been such an urban camper this weekend.

Urban camping: The great indoors

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