urban bourbon

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urban bourbon
Urban Bourbon is malt liquor, high-powered fortified wine, or a highly-sweetend malt-based alcoholic beverage. Generally inexpensive, these products provide a high level of “buzz satisfaction” at the expense of quality, price., and lack of next-day hangover. Generally, malt liquor is the most popular beverage, but fortified wines take a close second.
“We bought da urban bourbon from Saddiq a-wearin’ da turban. Da nex mornin’ we were learnin’ as our stomachs began a churnin'”.
urban bourbon: define #2
Urban Bourbondrugs
Malt liquor, MD 20 20, ripple, or any other economically-priced alcoholic beverage popular in the inner city.
Me, Germaine and LaTrine got down with some wicked Urban Bourbon last night at the Lucky Stiff Club.
urban bourbon: define #3
urban bourbon
1. MY shiiit…

2. The drink of Gods.

3. Look in ur cup..

Ex: You can catch me drinkn my urban bourbon Monday, Tuesday, Wensday, Thursday, Friday, Satrday, Payday, Christmas, and my Birthday.

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