urban backpacking

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urban backpacking
In reference to the slightly dirty, slightly hippie folk seen walking around urban centers (especially Seattle, New York) carrying extensive camping equipment. If they’re locals: what are they carrying in those huge backpacks? Non-locals can safetly be classified as “urban backpackers”, transients who don’t know that such outdoor activities are better suited for the woods. They hike through city centers, set up camp under bridges, and keep on moving on… on foot.
“No, honey. Don’t leave money! Don’t you know anything? That’s not a homeless person, that’s an Ur-ban Back-pack-er. How do I know?! Look at the backpack! Homeless people don’t have external framed packs like that! He/she will be insulted if you disturb their park bench nap to give them a $20! They’ve left their middle-class suburban home to experience the world, not handouts! Don’t you know anything about urban backpacking?!”

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