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when you’re too lazy to type in “Urban Dictionary” in google, so you just type in “urb” to get there faster
Let’s find out what “shizzle” means. One sec, i’ll just google “urb”.
urb: define #2
A subculture strongly present in east Sacramento, California based on riding fixed-gear bicycles (fixies), wearing clothing from thrift stores, especially cutoffs, and driving late 1980’s stationwagons.
Tim and I rode our fixies to the thrift store in East Sac to pick up some cutoffs. We’re hella urb.
urb: define #3
To add a new word to the Urban Dictionary, but mostly to think that there are words which people need to be aware of while all the time adding useless junk to the site which in turn gets it eyeballs such as the ones reading this right now.
Joe 1. Sup ?

(Gets no reply; as there is no one around)

Joe 1. (To himself) Lets urb ( since there is absolutely nothing else to do or anyone to talk)
urb: define #4
acrononym for u r bad
person 1 – hey, urb

person 2 – FUCK YOU URB

person 1 – no, urb

person 2 – FUCK YOU
urb: define #5
Short for Urbanized. Used by white kids who are ashamed of there nice house and preppy subdivision. Black people are to Ghetto as White boiz are to urbs.
Ed: Yo, lets kick it at my house in the urbs, bitch!

Jamalle: Dude, don’t be gay.
urb: define #6
To look up something in Urban Dictionary. Could also be used when addding a word in Urban Dictionary.
“What does 69 mean?”

“Why don’t you urb it?”

“This guy had a shirt that said ‘i heart lamp'”


urb: define #7
A person that spends more than 20 minutes every day on urban dictionary and uses each new phrase he learns through out the rest of the week.
He suching an Urb.

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