urb it

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urb it
when an individual hears and does not know the meaning of a slang term, instead of asking what it means, he/she will act as if they know the meaning of the word and then later go home and look up the definition on urbandictionary.com so as not to look like a complete noob.
something all of you have done.
“some kid said he pwn3d me last night and i said ‘yeah whateva’ but i had to urb it later on”

person #1 “dude, that bitch dropped a boston steamer on me last night!”

person #2 “… that’s awesome!”

person #1 “dubtif? go home and urb that ish n00b”

urb it: define #2
urb it
when some one comes up with a slang word you say urb it. meaning put it on urban dictionary.com

variations may include urb that, urbify it, urbify that, urb that shit. etc.

person 1:Eww i gotta clean out my doutche.

person 2: what’s doutche?

person 1: its that stuff under your toenails.

person 2: oohhhhu shout urb it.

urb it: define #3
The act of looking up a word on urban dictionary
I didn’t know what urbinned meant so might friends told me to urbit

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