ur species feces

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ur species feces
The worst possible insult ever. When this is used, the entire Earth is engulfed in Flames, the Sun explodes and the Moon crashes into Earth.
Tom: ur mom gay

Me : no u

Tom: ur dad lesbian

Me: ur sister a mister

Tom: ur brother a mother

Me: ur granny tranny

Tom: ur grandpap a trap

Me: ur familiy reunion homosexual communion

Tom: ur family tree LGBT

Me: ur ancestors incestors

Tom: ur race has gayes

Me: Want me to use it asshole?

Tom: i dare you


*everything dies, the earth is on fire is englufed by the Sun.

ur species feces: define #2
ur species feces
The mother of all roasts above your ancestors incestors
Bob: Your ancestors incestors

Kyle: Ur species feces

*universe implodes* *time completely resets* *Bob gets transported to the deepest hole in the underworld*

ur species feces: define #3
ur species feces
When you need to activate your trap card
Me:ur mom gay lol

Victim:no u lol


Victim:oh god no…

Me:ur species feces

World:gets consumed by a black hole
ur species feces: define #4
ur species feces
The absolute physics defying insult in the ur mom gay saga of insults. No one in known history has survived this insult.
Billy: ur sister a mister!

Bob: BET! *waves hand in authority* ur species feces!

Billy: *his very soul explodes creating a black hole consuming his very essence*

ur species feces: define #5
ur species feces
This is the worst comeback ever. It’s worse than ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian, ur granny tranny, and ur family tree LGBT rolled into one. It absolutely obliterates anyone it’s used on into a realm further than oblivian and pure nothingness.
Johnny- Timmy ur mom gay

Timmy- well ur dad lesbian

Johnny- ur granny tranny

Timmy – ur family tree LGBT

Johnny- ur ALL of that

Timmy- don’t make me say it

Johnny- do it bitch

Timmy- ur species feces

*Johnny gets sucked into a black hole in his own core sentencing him to an existence of absolute nothingness in a void that is nowhere
ur species feces: define #6
ur species feces
the WORST roast in history of roasts. this roast will end anyone’s career you choose to end.
sexually confused person: “ur mom gay”

me, an intellectual: “ur sister a mister”

sexually confused person: “ur family tree LGBT”

me, an intellectual: “ur species feces”

*sexually confused person’s body explodes into a million pieces and dies a brutal death and his heart is shattered into smitherines.
ur species feces: define #7
ur species feces
THe worst thing to say. You can banish someone to the dark dimension with this insult. beats all other ur insults
Joe: Ur mom gay

Dave: Ur species feces

Joe: is banished to the dark dimension, where his face is burnt off by a demon
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