ur poppa gets the whoppa

Best definition
ur poppa gets the whoppa
Worse than “ur mum gay”, “ur dad lesbian”, and also “ur granny tranny” this is the worst insult in the human race and only a pure intellectual can block this insult, but most of these “intellectuals” will die within the next few hours
Xx-memelord-xX – “ur mum gay”

Vape-lord-nord69 – “no u”

Xx-memelord-xX – “ur daddy lesbian”

Vape-lord-nord69- “no u” (struggling to stand)

Xx-memelord-xX – “ur granny tranny”

Vape-lord-nord69 – “no u” (struggling to breathe)

Xx-memelord-xX – “ur poppa gets the whoppa”

Vape-lord-nord69 – (dies instantly not getting a chance to reply)

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