ur pappy trappy

Best definition
ur pappy trappy
A term that is only used when you’ve ascended from the mere “ur mom gay,” “ur dad lesbian,” and “ur granny tranny.”
Must be used with risk.
*in a heated argument*

m: ur gay

w: ur mom gay

m: ur dad lesbian

w: ur granny tranny

m: ur pappy trappy

*entire third dimension collapses on itself and the time-space continuum ceases to exist”
ur pappy trappy: define #2
Ur pappy trappy
The next level after ur granny tranny (NOTE: this is not the worst insult yet)
George: Ur granny tranny

Bill: Don’t make me say it

George: DO IT!

Bill: NEVER!!


Bill: Ur pappy trappy

*Bill gets wiped out from existence, the earth splits in two, a supermassive black hole replaces the sun*
ur pappy trappy: define #3
Ur pappy trappy
Ur pappy is a trap
Jon-ur mom gay

Bill-ur Dad lesbian

Jon-ur granny tranny

Bill-ur pappy trappy

*Space time continuum collapses on its self and world ends*

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