ur mum

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ur mum
The insult of all insults. When you’re stuck and have nothing to say, just say ‘ur mum’.
“This pizza is still warm”

“Ur mum’s pussy is still warm…hurhurhurhur”.
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ur mum
wen ur frin bein a cheky cunt n da call of duds u jus sey ur mum
“fukin cheky cunt ur mum is hairy”
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ur mum
The apparent zenith of comebacks, used almost exclusively by 12-16 year olds.
Person 1: You sir, are a veritable nincompoop.

Person 2: ERR UR MUM LOL!1!


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ur mum
the british form of “ur mom”, a overused comeback that is funny if used as a joke or your kidding when u say it.
Person:Fuck U!

British Person: I fucked ur mum!

b_i_t_c_h678: i have sooo much homework.

this1person923: ur mom has so much homework! OH! BURN! WAT NOW!?!?!?!

b_i_t_c_h678: wtf lol

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ur mum
a word used as a comeback when you have no other comeback to use: a word used to get someone to leave you alone

another term for “your mom”

“Hey what are you eating?”

“ur mum.”
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ur mum
“ur mum” is not ur actualy ur mum but a person that represents ur mum

it is used when you are really stoned or dont hav a good enough come back
Jon: what does my cooking taste like?

Michael: ur mum
ur mum: define #7
ur mum
a phrase used by someone who has no desent come back or is just a bit of a retard
A: what you doin tonight?

B: ur mum!

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