ur mum gay

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ur mum gay
Probably one of the most hurtful insults that can cross your tongue. Used only in extreme circumstances to completely obliterate the other person.
Person 1: “I just stole your memes.”

Person 2: “well ur mum gay.”

Person 1: *dies*

ur mum gay: define #2
ur mum gay
“ur mum gay” is a meme used by non-normies. while they unironically dab, you can laugh to yourself bc their mum gay

P.S. the correct response to this type of situation is “no u.” the person who said ur mum gay with be banished to die in a small hole 5ever.

Person 1: “ur mum gay lol”

Person 2: “no u”


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ur mum gay: define #3
ur mum gay
The worst possible insilt any human can take in. If you say this your opponent will literally implode from embarrassment.
4th grader A : Ur momma so fat shes fat

4th grader B : Ur mum gay

4th Grader A: *dies*
ur mum gay: define #4
ur mum gay
She is lol
Person 1:”I don’t like you!”

Person 2:”well ur mum gay.”

ur mum gay: define #5
Ur mum gay
The most hurtful thing u could say to a human
Nigga 1:Bro lemme hit ur juul

Nigga 2:uR MUm gAY

Nigga 1:😳😢

ur mum gay: define #6
Ur Mum Gay
commonly used as a insult that sometimes is hard to come back from
Me: Ur mum gay

Person: No u

Me: ur parents gay together

Person: ur granny tranny

me:ur dad lesbian

ur mum gay: define #7
Ur mum gay
Your mum gay, so you have 2 dads (it’s a meme)
“Kaitey came home from school to find out ur mum gay”

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