ur mom gay

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ur mom gay
The most devestating insult to ever be invented by humanity. Popularized by NFKRZ.
Karl: You look like shit.

John: ur mom gay

Karl: *ruptures an artery and fucking dies*
ur mom gay: define #2
ur mom gay
Offensive term to which the correct response is:

No u

Followed by:
Liam: Ur mom gay

Chris: No U

Liam: Ur dad lesbian

Chris: Ur granny tranny

Liam: Ur brother a mother

Chris: Ur sister a mister

Liam: Ur family tree LGBT

Chris: Ur ancestors incestors

Liam: *dies*
ur mom gay: define #3
Ur Mom Gay
No u
Jack from Carl’s Jr: Ur mom gay

Me: No u

Jack: *kills himself*
ur mom gay: define #4
Ur mom gay
Please dont use this on someone
Billy : Ur mom gay

You : Ur dad lesbian

*Billy Dies*

*Billys brother is mocking your family*

You : Ur family transgender

*He gets burned and becomes ashes*

*Billys father is mocking your country*

You : Ur country bisexual

*WW3 starts*

Please dont use this if you dont want WW3 to happen.

ur mom gay: define #5
ur mom gay
Where someone or people say that someone elses mom is gay
Person 1: ur mom gay

Person 2: ur dad lesbian

Person 1: ur granny tranny

Person 2: ur uncky funcky

Person 1: *dies*

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ur mom gay: define #6
ur mom gay
The beggining of the end, even God himself feared of such insult, so he created Christianity.
Person 1: ur mom gay

Person 2: ur dad lesbian

*Natural disasters start occuring all around the Earth*

Person 1: ur sister a mister

Person 2: ur brother a mother

Person 1: ur niece obese

Person 2: ur aunt a croissant

*Earth runs out of ocean and runaway greenhouse effect begins, slowly killing every living being inhabiting our planet*

Person 1: ur granny tranny

Person 2: ur grandpap a trap

Person 1: ur family reunion homosexual communion

*Sun runs out of hydrogen and becomes the red giant, roasting the Earth*

Person 1: ur family tree LGBT

Person 2: ur ancestors incestors

*Supermassive black hole in galactic center forms a large quasar, destroying every star system around it with relativistic jets and hawking radiation*

Person 1: ur speces feces

Person 2: ur God a fraud

*Andromeda galaxy completely collides with the Milky way*

Person 1: Enough! Ney thee!

*Instant Big Crunch occurs converging everything together – anhilliating the entire Universe.*
ur mom gay: define #7
ur mom gay
ur mom gay: A term originating all the way back to the prehistoric times. It’s an ancient relic that translates to “I don’t like you”. This phrase takes your dislike for someone to the next level.
Alfredo: Your hair looks dumb, kid.

Me: Hey Alfredo, ur mom gay.

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