ur mom gæ

Best definition
ur mom gæ
The best 8 year old insult used to counter
Hay dad Ur Mom Gæ

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ur mom gæ: define #2
ur mom gae
The most devastating insult with only one counter
how you gonna come back from that huhh?

ur mom gæ: define #3
The best comeback any nigga can ever make when being roasted by an opp. Worse than “Ur Granny Tranny” or “Surrender Transgender”. Use this to redeem yourself however if he hits you with “U R Rarted” then it’s over my dude.
Random nigga on the internet: Surrender Transgender

Other Random Nigga: Urmomgae

Random Nigga on the Internet: Breaks Laptop

ur mom gæ: define #4
ur mom gae
the beginning of the generation z cult
bill: fuk u m8

bob: *inhale exhale*

bob: well, ur mom gae

*bill explodes and gets blown off the face of the earth*

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