ur gramp a tramp

Best definition
ur gramp a tramp
The worst of all. Even worse than ur mom gay, ur daddy lesbian, AND ur granny tranny.
Dan: ur mom gay

Mike: oh yeah, well your gramp a tramp.

Dan: *dies*

ur gramp a tramp: define #2
ur gramp a tramp
Almost equivalent to ur granny tranny but a little less of a roast.
Random Bastard: Ur Mum Gay, and ur dad lesbian

Me: Oh Yeah well, ur Gramp a tramp

Random Bastard: *Kills Self*
ur gramp a tramp: define #3
Ur gramp a tramp
A sacred word to only be spoken by the gods it can cause anything to happen
Carl : Ur Mom Gay

Dylan : Ur Sister A Mister

Carl : Ur Gramp A Tramp

*The universe instantly decays as God himself slits his wrist from his mistakes

ur gramp a tramp: define #4
Ur Gramp a Tramp
This is not to be used lightly as it can end a man’s entire career, the phrase is closely related to “Ur Daddy Lesbian”, “Ur Mom Gay”, “Ur Granny Tranny”, and the newest addition “Ur Sister a Mister” and can be used in the same way.
Bector: Ur Mom Gay

Sethieboii: Ur Daddy Lesbian

Bector: Ur Sister a Mister

Sethieboii: Ur Gramp a Tramp

Bector: ** Dies **

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