ur dear a queer

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ur dear a queer
The end of all arguments and insults. This insult will completely destroy the whole universe and there is no escaping from it. Please, for the love of God and everything on Earth and all we have, DON’T SAY THIS.
Faggot: ur mom gay lol

Me: ur chromosomes homozones

Faggot: ur generation cause frustration. i win hahaha

Me: *snickers* no u

Faggot: NO U

Me: Well, sorry, God, but I have to say this…

Faggot: *smiles but anxious with worry* You wouldn’t dare.


The world starts to collapse. The space-time continuum immediately stops and destroys itself and all of humanity dies. The faggot gets thrown into hell but even hell considered him unworthy and made him suffer a horrible – nothing – there is no afterlife anymore. There is no more life.

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