ur brothers a mother

Best definition
ur brothers a mother
Even worse than ur sisters a mister. Anyone who says it instantly disappears out of existence
Titus: ur sisters a mister

Jacob: ur brothers a mother

Titus: *disappears out of existence*
ur brothers a mother: define #2
Ur brother’s A mother
The ultimate insult. Nothing compares to this. It trumps over ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian, ur granny tranny and makes your grandpap A trap look like “ur stupid”.
1: ur mom gay

2: no u

1: well, ur daddy lesbian

2: ur granny tranny

1: noooo, your grandpap A trap

2: you made me do this. (Grows into a giant and raises his hand to the heavens) UR BROTHER’S A MOTHER!!!

(2 brings their hand down and vaporizes 1, then the entire galaxy speeds toward andromeda galaxy at the speed of light, causing a massive black hole that swallows the universe.)

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