Best definition
1) mixture of Greek letters upsilon and lambda
2) fanciful creation of Nabokov
3) the impossible joy of a suspended leap
4) a dance
5) the image of small silver fish leaping in a out of a moonlit lake
6) a sound or a melody
7) a word used in a insult intended to brush someone off (“an upsilamba to you too!”)
8) what one may shout when jumping rope
9) the paradox of a blissful sigh
10) a magic code that opens the door to a secret cave filled with treasures
11) the magical name of a small boy in Africa
12) an exclamation used when you have a feeling of inexpressible joy mixed with clumsiness and goofiness
13) a word whose definition is your own individual discretion (similar to supercalifragilisticexbealadocious)
I was having such a good time listening to Marc’s band and hanging out with my friends that shouted “Upsilamba!”
upsilamba: define #2
An archaic / fictional letter.

From Nabakov’s ‘Invitation to a Beheading’

They had no words that would end in an unexpected way, an upsilamba, becoming a bird or a catapult with wondrous consequences.

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