Best definition
1) preposition: meaning “against” or “up against”
2) noun: a possitive thing
1) You don’t quite, Imma bus’ you upside yo head, foo’

1) He threw him upside the truck. (up against the truck)

2) Well at least the upside is that we get paid for it.

upside: define #2
A word used to describe HIGH POTENTIAL of an athlete. The ability to posses more talent than is actually demonstrated on the field of play. Having great athletic potential that has not been tapped yet. The “Hope” that a talent will “Prosper” on the field, especially when inserted into a Fantasy line-up

Also, more specifically applied: The overused description Matt Sarnie of Arizona gives out when drafting his favorite prospects in the Annual Fantasy Football Draft.
Description Matt Sarnie of Arizona gives out when drafting his favorite prospects in the Annual Gigolo Fantasy Football Draft:

“I Love Michael Vick with the 18th Pick, what a steal I got in the 2nd round; he has so much UPSIDE!”

upside: define #3
means a good thing or something positive.
the only upside is during that period when things are peachy keen between a couple and both are willing to come early and stay late.
upside: define #4
Preposition. Depending on context, can mean “in,” “directly above,” “on,” etc.
Leroy, you best stop frontin’ ‘fo I bust a cap upside yo ass!

We was done shook down for crack, an’ they had The Man all upside dis joint!

upside: define #5
Term used to describe the positive qualities or skills of a player in college sports, especially college basketball.

Frequently used in evaluating potential draft picks in professional sports. This is now occasionally being used to describe players acquired in trades as well.

He has good intangibles, but besides that, not much upside.

Colton Smith is a great kid with huge upside.

We need to draft a player who has some offensive upside

upside: define #6
the term used for the inside of someone’s arse crack.
(kid1) i inserted my head upside your mum.

(kid2) well im gunna put my foot upside you

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