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Originally it was the final shot in an archery match.
Now used to mean: the conclusion; the result.
The upshot of what happened is that we won’t do that again.
upshot: define #2
In disc golf, an upshot is the approach shot to the basket. Sometimes a putt that comes up short is called an upshot.
Nice upshot dawg, you parked that hole.
upshot: define #3
the photographer places the camera on the ground, facing upwards, the woman stands with her legs slightly apart, with her gash facing the lens.
Dave : Hey Jason did you see those upshots of Jenny’s cunt?

Jason : Yeah man, pretty awesome, it’s about as close as I’ll ever get to her pussy.

upshot: define #4
UPS hot
A co-worker who is hot im comparason to your other co-workers but would look less attractive if seen in public.
person 1- “Dude, Sandy is a solid dime peice.”

person 2- “No, she’s ups hot. I’ve seen her outside work and she is just a seven.”

upshot: define #5
aka the whiskey douche. This is when someone takes a tampon, soaks it in the alcohol of their choice, typically whiskey, and then inserts it into either the vagina or rectum in order to achieve a buzz or “Buiness drunk”. Used in situations where drinking is frowned upon. eg. work, funerals, job interviews, Provincial Curling Championships etc. Paticipating individuals tend to eventually form a syndicate.
Guy #1: man i could really go for a drink, work is [email protected] getting to me.

Guy #2: not me man, i’m flying high, i took an upshot of Wiser’s this morning before the meeting.

Guy #1: what?

Guy #2: whiskey douche!!!

upshot: define #6
A great rock and hip-hop band from NYC founded by an incredibly talented singer, rapper and lyricist named Danny Steinman
Upshot rocked the house at the Vanderbilt last week.
upshot: define #7
THE POETRY OF U a bs inconclusion whereas its eternally fckd up )and beautufyl(!
up shot was a baLlout ne’er a blackout tho… ridiculousrecord…unreal performances…faux… almost nice as tha’ glory! (not reallly…its a lifetime … pour thee— aimlessly—U reach me, continually

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