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to be awake, out of bed, or standing up.
dude, it’s 3am. i will text you back when i am upright.
upright: define #2
the recieving end/part in sexual activity(ies)
“he gets it up, and through the uprights!”
upright: define #3
This refers to an act of oral sex being performed on a man as he stands, while the woman doing the favor is kneeling before him…an “upright (blowjob)”.
“Just because we went out to dinner once, he thought he was entitled to an upright, or something.”
upright: define #4
Type of Bicycle ridden by balancing on a small, hard piece of rubber known as a saddle. This type of bicycle causes several problems which include the following:

Wrist pain

Shoulder pain

Neck pain

Back pain

Saddle sores

The above problems are not present on a recumbent bicycle.

Also known as a Diamond-Frame (DF) bicycle, a UCI bike, an Upwrong or a wedgie bike.

I am going to ride my upright bicycle.
upright: define #5
Someone who is looking good.

Somone who is true to him or herself

She’s been looking upright.

Are you upright or not

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