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another word for fistingas defined by Bo Burnham
We got a little serious there… I believe fisting should be called uppercunting
uppercunting: define #2
*WARNING*: Very Dangerous- can lead to severe vaginal injuries and problems

DEFINITION: v. The forceful act of inserting ones fist and sometimes forearm into a woman’s vagina in one swift upper cut punch-like motion.

IDEAL SITUATION: Usually done immediately after fisting while the girl is gaping.

POSITIONING: You must be facing the girl’s front or back with her waist at about eye level.


Reason: Girls who are Willing and ABLE to do this are far and few between

Dude #1 “yo i totally destroyed that girl last night! I stretched that pussy so wide she wont walk right for a month.”

Dude #2 “Nice! You give her a good fisting?”

Dude #1 “Yea, followed with some solid upper-cunting!”

uppercunting: define #3
An alternate to Fisting, UpperCunting is the act of forming a fist with your hand and using it to pleasure a sexual partner, by sticking it in ones orifice.
David and Sally want to try something new to spice up their sexlife. Sally suggests UpperCunting and David thinks shes a sexual deviant. Sally was denied UpperCunting.
uppercunting: define #4
The act of forcefully shoving one’s fist in and out a puss.
He was uppercunting me viciously.

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