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The act of punching a girl in the vagina. Also can be applied to a closed fist of with splayed fingers.
“The bitch gave me a dirty look, so I gave her a mean uppercunt.”
uppercunt: define #2
A swift, unexpected, yet well-deserved punch to the vagina, whether literal or metaphorical. Usually, but not always to a stranger.
When the judge sentenced Lindsay Lohan to 90 days in jail, Lindsay looked like she had caught a decisive uppercunt. And she wept appropriately.

No matter how many uppercunts Amy Winehouse receives she always gets back up like nothing happened. She’s the Mohammed Ali of the Golden Glove. Am I wrong?

uppercunt: define #3
upper cunt
Also known as the haymaker to the babymaker, the upper cunt is a devastating knock out punch to a woman’s vagina.
Holy shit! Did you see that chick land that upper cunt last night in the cat fight?!
uppercunt: define #4
A closed fist punch in an upward, swinging motion that makes direct contact with the vagina.
Jab, jab, uppercunt–she’s out!
uppercunt: define #5
Similar motion to the uppercut. The only difference is location.

Not to be mistaken with fisting, which is very similar. The difference being that the Uppercunt is fast and not a repeated motion as there is no need for further pleasure after such a maneouvre.

A technique that is apparently associated with Leeroy Jenkins.

Bill – Last night I got my Uppercunt on.

Phil – Oh cool.

Bill – Yeah, I know. Her head is still stuck in my ceiling as we speak.
uppercunt: define #6
Sometimes you might find you’re being pursued by cunt. There may be something attached to it. It may be screaming something at you. This is irrelevant. A cuntchop may temporarily subdue the rabid cunt. A cuntslap will be laughed off the court. You’ve got to uppercunt that shit. POW! Right in the kisser.

Uppercunt; the heinous act of a powerful upward-punch in the lady-lips.

1. Some bitch was makin’ eyeballs at me earlier. I was all “if you don’t back off, there’s an uppercunt over here with your name on, grandma!”
uppercunt: define #7
Upper Cunt
A forceful blow (punch) to the vagina
bitch back off before i upper cunt you!

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