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The musical genre practiced by the band Deadsy. Elijah describes the band’s low and dissonant style as Undercore. Elijah’s low baritone singing style, down-tuned guitars, Dr. Nner’s synths and Carlton’s Z-tar give the music an almost surreal quality. Deadsy’s sound is often compared to Gary Numan. Undercore is often described as having elements of Industrial, Goth Rock, New Wave, Death Metal, Post Punk, and Synth Pop.
“We wanted to make something that was transcendental, really rule-defying, and very against the grain. And when people listened to it at first, it would just feel very like a sense of foreignness, almost like watching a David Lynch film.” – Elijah Blue
“The sound cannot be held in comparison to any band past or present. The sound is UNDERCORE. Something pure that cannot be duplicated.”

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