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The male genitalia being viewed from an upward looking angle. Similar to the female version of underboob but with a wiener instead. Also referred to as Australian dick.
I knew I was going to have a rough day when I woke up to my roommate giving me some undercock.

Your mom seemed pretty interested in me so I gave her a little Australian dick.

undercock: define #2
A man who has smaller penis compare to his male friends’.
Tom: My gf thinks I have a big cock but she doesnt know that I am an undercock compare to what my friends are packing

A guy in the forum: Dude you sound so gay!

Tom: No I have seen them naked at the gym and besides I am only 5″ long

A guy in the forum: lol you are an undercock indeed!
undercock: define #3
The act of insulting or undermining someone against their judgment and knowledge, resulting in an insult of their manhood, usually making them angry.
John: “Yeah I made the final score in that pickup game, it was pretty impressive if you ask me.”

Mike: “Funny, because from what i remember you got teabagged pretty hard and fumbled the ball a bit before making the shot.”

John: “Don’t undercock me Mike let me have my moment!”

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