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The area between your legs. Your crotch.
Damn Betty, go shower, you’ve got one janky undercarriage.
undercarriage: define #2
under carriage
The area under the sachel of a male reproductive organs.
damn did you see that hairy under carriage?
undercarriage: define #3
under carriage
another name for a womans ass
“damn you saw the under carriage on that chick??”
undercarriage: define #4
If you are a little pudgy, your gut may sag down when doing push ups or copulating. This can be particularly unattractive as during vigorous sex, it may swing from side to side, back and forth, much like a metronome. In extreme cases, the folds of fat, or female breasts, may slap together making a sound not dissimilar to the sound of a sealion performing for food at shows at many zoos. This noise is known as flap or tat slapping.
“Dude, I was fucking Cindy in the ass”

“Awesome dude! How was it?”

“Great, but her undercarriage was swinging around, almost knocked me off balance”

“Eww. Sick dude”
undercarriage: define #5
Very simple. This is your pet’s fucking stomach.
Kitty loves it when you scratch her undercarriage.

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