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A minor that is too young to consume/purchase alcohol/cigarettes and is too young to watch or commit sexual acts. If one were to commit said sexual acts with a minor they would go to jail if caught.
If your gonna go to jail, at least make it worth it..
underage: define #2
meaning not old enough to do something, for example to drink, smoke or have sex…
UK 16 is ok to have sex, 15 is UNDERAGE
underage: define #3
1) When an individual whom has yet to reach the age of twenty-one years old in the wonderful nation of America, attempts to “puke-and-rally”, proceeds to fall asleep in the unit which contains urinal, fecal and vomitary matter, also known as a stall, this person is later confronted…while sleeping on the toilet, by a large man with a walkie talkie. This man proceeds to utilize his breathalizer unit to arrest the individual whom has blown a .09….man is now responsive.

2) When an individual flags down a police officer, assuming that it is a taxi. The individual is arrested for public intoxication. The indivual is released from custody then advances down the street and falls asleep in front of an ice cream shop. He is awarded with an underage drinking citation.

I know 2 people that did 2 very funny things and received underages for them.
underage: define #4
under age
When you’re too young to go on a freaking roller coaster.
Kid: Mommy, i wanna go on the Wavin’ Raven!

Mother: You’re too under aged to do that creep!

underage: define #5
A large, public “party” for “tryhards, ravers and metros” under the age of 18. Names are normally made up of four letter combinations that rhyme with each other (eg. “Lush”, “Rush”), however, names are known to vary in length (eg. “Rumours”, “Metro”).

“Yeah, I brought mah glowstickz da other nite!!!”
underage: define #6
(noun) a citation for drinking alcohol under the age of 21
Johnny got an underage Friday night at a party.
underage: define #7
A person, normally female, who is younger that the lawful age of consent for sexual intercourse.
She’s 14, she’s under-age, she’s 3 months pregnant!

Don’t even think it, dude, she’s under-age.

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