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To feel like you are going to/or have become dangerously intoxicatedbeing too high or drunk and subsequently taking a turn, for the worst.
“Dude, I am going horribly under”

“Lukes gone under”

“I just went so under”

under: define #2
“Where the fuck are my unders?!”
under: define #3
1. broke. not having any money.

2. undercover. not wanting to be seen or not wanting to cause attention to oneself.Being ducked off somewhere.
1. We need to buy some more Remy, you got five on it or are you under?

2. Too many people are getting killed, I’m gonng be on the under.
under: define #4
Amusing non-sequitur single word joke and/or punchline, all in one. Originated by Sacha Baron Cohen and seen first in Borat. Respect. Endlessly abused, yet appreciated ever since. Often used to initiate or terminate a conversation, or as rejoinder.
Lawyer: I have to go.

Musician: Under.

Lawyer: Under.

Lawyer: Where is the pastille?

Musician: Under the newspaper.

Lawyer: Under.

under: define #5
A more masculine term for men’s underwear, to replace the cute word *undies*. If you’re a man’s man you wear unders, not “undies”.
Women wear panties. Men wear UNDERS.
under: define #6
An undercover po, or cop.
Nigga, don’t say that to loud, think I spotted an under over there by that Ford Pickup. Yep, he got a walkie talkie mah nigga, lets go around the block.
under: define #7
1. unconscious due to anesthesia

2. intoxicated

He was under in minutes, and yet, somehow he woke up before the procedure was complete.

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