under the table

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under the table
income not declared to government to avoid taxes.
He was visiting from new zealand on a travel visa so I paid him under the table for painting my house.
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under the table
On the sly; something done illegally.
Those street vendors are selling DVDs of recent movies under the table.
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under the tabledrugs
1. alcohol intoxicated, drunk

2. in secret

He was under the table after three beers.
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under the table
equivalent of lowkey
this is ttly under the table news but jesse and tammy are going outtt.:
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under the table
An open but confusing sexual orientation.

If you were to walk into a room in which one person was in the closet and another were under the table, you would probably notice (and be confused by) the the person under the table, while you would probably not notice the person in the closet. The person under the table is not hiding, but nor does the person conform to standard categories (gay, straight, bi) or expectations of behavior. Communication about why a person is under the table is often hampered because explanations are complicated, easily misunderstood, disregarded as self-delusion, or even because the person under the table does not fully understand.

Q: Is Pat gay, straight, or bi?

A: None of the above, he’s under the table.
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Under The Table
A person who is most obviously gay but has not come out of the closet. Hiding in plain sight or Under the table.
John: Look at Lance staring at Gorge. He is so gay.

Paul: I know right, I mean he is obviously Under the table.

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