under my skin

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under my skin
1. when you meet someone and you’re drawn to them. you can’t stop thinking about them even when you don’t know them. something about them just sparks something down deep. your imagination starts to run wild and you’re physically and emotionally altered. they fascinate you2. someone really pisses you off. they said something and you can’t ignore it so you have to say something to defend yourself and your feelings. it makes you mad and almost at a loss for words. some rubs you the wrong way
1. when I first saw Alex, he was all I could see. his lips, his hair, his smile. I couldn’t stop thinking about him so the next day I asked for his number. He had gotten under my skin.

2. Diane made a comment about a friend of mine that got under my skin. I felt that if i didn’t say something, i would walk around angry all day.

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