Best definition
Someone who is highly ignorant and knows absolutely nothing about anything. In other words, he/she is living under a rock.
Guy 1: OMG!!!!!! Leonardo DiCaprio is such a good actor!!!!!!!!!

Guy 2: Who the fuck is Leonardo DiCaprio?

Guy 1: You uncultured swine!

uncultured: define #2
someone who is abnormally white. Uncultured people often eat out on a daily basis, and gag at the site of anything foreign. Uncultured people also have no sense in style and wear the same fucking t-shirt everyday, they can’t ever commit to something and have never heard of hard work. The funny thing is uncultured people often think their the shit even though they have no friends, and have no common knowledge about money.
(Keon)- wow you guys got the newest iphone in the fucking 5th grade so uncultured!

(dillon and josh)- a 5th grader having the new iphone does not make us spoiled!

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