unconfirmed bachelor

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unconfirmed bachelor
Unlike a confirmed bachelor who will never marry for whatever reason, an ‘unconfirmed bachelor’ is an older man who wants to marry and has long been seeking a female mate yet remained unsuccessful in that quest thus far.Whereas being unmarried is not unusual for a man of a younger age, an unmarried man of a certain age may raise questions as to why he remains a bachelor, so calling him an ‘unconfirmed bachelor’ indicates he’s not gay nor opposed to marriage, just unsuccessful thus far at finding a suitable mate.
Charlie Brown never talked to that Red Haired Girl and never found another that could hold a candle to her, so he grew old and died an unconfirmed bachelor.

That old dude? He’s not divorced; I don’t think he ever married. No, he’s not gay, just an unconfirmed bachelor.

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