Best definition
1. Being physically uncoordinated
2. Being otherwise clumsy in any respect
1. You’re too unco to play soccer

2. You’re so unco, you can’t even beat tetris
unco: define #2

1. Lacking physical or mental coordination.

2. Lacking planning, method, or organization.

In other words: Anyone, but usually a girl or funboy who has the inability to kick a football or throw a ball without looking like a complete retard.

While playing golf in your front room your mate puts the ball through your mums brand new double-glazed windows at which point you say “are you unco or what?”

After noticing a drunken lass has her mini skirt tucked into the back of her g-string and is presenting her ass cheeks to the rest of the world you turn to your mates and say “that lass is well unco”

unco: define #3
Uncoordinated … n00b … pwned regularly in gaming.
Pixie is UNCO.

Hell Salo IS NOT UNCO.
unco: define #4
One who is lacking in any form of coordination whatsoever
Hell Salo is UNCO
unco: define #5
sum 1 hu is so bad at catching, throwing, kicking, playing basketball, etc.
if a person were to kick a ball and the ball goes in the other direction yiu say…

wat a fucking unco nigga

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