Best definition
Exclaimation meaning “I give up”.
Say “uncle” you little baby! Say uncle! *Initiates wedgie*
uncle: define #2
U nited

N ations

C ommission on

L aw

E nforcement
Man From U.N.C.L.E.

U.N.C.L.E. doesn’t really exist — or does it?

uncle: define #3
a term used to make someone say when you have them pinned to the ground
Andrew: i’ve got you on da flo bitch. you want yo lunch money back, den say uncle

Alec: help, no! teacher teacher!

Andrew: say uncle!!

uncle: define #4
A respectful way to call someone especially if you are of the East Asian culture. They are not actually related to you.
Sanji: Uncle get me a steak and a currypop

Rajin: O.K.

uncle: define #5
The member of your family that is most likley to come into your bedroom in the middle of the night and show you his penis.
Uncle Bob: Hey Jimmy wake up.

Jimmy: What is it Uncle Bob?

Uncle Bob: I got a present for you, but it’s in my pants. You have to fish it out.
uncle: define #6
The name you must call your mums boyfriend when you are little.
Uncle Les is the best uncle I’ve ever had!
uncle: define #7
One more thing! *smacks you over the head with two fingers*
“Magic must defeat magic!” ~ Uncle

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