uncle tong

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uncle tong
An asian that supports a less than authentic asian restaurant. If you eat there you are an uncle tong.
Billy: Hey pete, lets go eat at uncle cho’s shrimp palace.

York: Doesn’t that have all white cooks?

Billy: Yeah, so.

York: You are asian. Don’t be an uncle tong!
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Uncle Tong
Uncle Tong is the Asian American equivalent of the term “Uncle Tom” for African Americans. It refers to Asians who apologize for and pander to white folks, trying to garner favor with them and generally being a self-hating sellout. Auntie Tong is the female version, and often refers to self-hating, sellout Asian girls who “only date white guys.”
Hey man, why does your brother only have white friends and listen to Garth Brooks?

Oh dude, my bro is a total Uncle Tong. Last week, he thanked this redneck for calling him a “fucking chink,” and even apologized for coming to this country.

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